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May 28th Luncheon:

Maximizing the Power of Virtual Teams

Presenter: Lee Johnsen
Principal and Founder, Partners in Development

Today, more than 7 out of 10 teams in America accomplish results with members who seldom meet face-to-face. Yet, they have significant, unique performance challenges. What can performance improvement professionals do to help these teams achieve optimum productivity?

In this session we'll explore how dispersed teams can accomplish results better, faster, and cheaper. Topics will include:

  • Trends of a dispersed workforce
  • Key practices for leading dispersed teams
  • Communications media
  • Ways to establish and build trust from a distance

By understanding key differences between virtual teams and onsite teams, ATD members will be able to serve as members and leaders of their own virtual teams as well as consult and support of other virtual team members and leaders in their organizations. Participants will be able to apply a useful tool to assess the complexity and reliance factors associated with virtual team. They will also identify best practices for building trust and enhancing communication.

During the session, participants will be engaged in small group discussions, audio-visual materials, interactive handouts, and Q & A sessions.

Presenter’s  Bio:

Lee Johnsen, CPT, CPLP, SPHR, is President of Partners in Development (PID). Lee has a 20-year record of successfully guiding organizations toward improved productivity and work relationships resulting in significant growth. He has previously held management positions in fortune 500 corporations and has extensive experience working with international audiences.

Lee has presented at regional and international conferences (ATD and ISPI) on topics of training evaluation, e-learning, and leadership of globally dispersed teams. He is a published author and an adjunct faculty member of the American Management Association (AMA). In 2014, Lee spent five months working in Saudi Arabia and leading his own virtual team. More Information...

This program is eligible ATD CI CPLP recertification points 1pt/1hr (continuing education).

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